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Certificate Of Origin

SGCCI is authorized to issue a Certificate of Origin to ensure that the goods meet the country's rules of origin, or qualify for preferential tariff treatment under a free trade agreement. The certificate contains information on the exporter, importer, product, and country of origin.

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What is a certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is a document that certifies the country of origin of a product. It is issued by an authorized organization, such as a chamber of commerce, It can be used by importers and exporters to verify the authenticity of the goods being traded. It provides assurance that the products are produced, manufactured, or processed in the country stated and are not counterfeit or substandard goods.



Benefits of Certificate of Origin

  1. A Certificate of Origin assists exporters in complying with the importing country’s rules and regulations.
  2. It ensures that the goods meet the necessary import standards and requirements, such as tariffs, quotas, and labeling requirements.
  3. It can assist the exporter in qualifying for preferential treatment under that agreement, such as reduced or eliminated tariffs.
  4. It can help importers and exporters avoid delays and additional costs.
  5. It lends credibility to the exported goods by assuring the importer that the goods are genuine and of high quality.


A Certificate of Origin is a vital document that facilitates trade by providing a standardized method of verifying the origin of goods. This can help both importers and exporters reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with verifying the origin of goods.

Requirements of documents for issuance

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