To introduce new markets and new products for the Textile Industry of South Gujarat

To introduce new markets and new products for the textile industry of South Gujarat GFRRC is setup by The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SGCCI) which has distinguished and comprehensive collection of fabrics from around the world. It is a one-stop-shop for the weavers and textile traders. The centre provides information on the composition and other technical details about the fabrics and their market potential to the weavers, processors and traders. Fabrics sourced from the world are displayed along with their technical specifications, so that the weavers could make similar kind of fabrics which would help in boosting the overall fabric export from the India.

Main Objectives of GFRRC:

  • To create awareness amongst weavers, knitters, processors and traders of Surat regarding globally best-in-class technology, innovations, quality and trends in Textiles.
  • To provide a platform for exhibiting fabrics produced by local weavers, knitters, processors and traders on a continuous basis.
  • To facilitate sourcing of fabric samples from global players and display them by importing world class fabric samples manufactured at various countries to guide Surat textile industry.
  • To provide R&D support like pilot facilities for weaving and processing to develop new and innovative fabric being used globally along with test and analysis centre.
  • To develop a brand for Surat as a manufacturing Hub of globally best in class fabric.
  • To network with global research institutions.
  • To present export business opportunities to traders by arranging media shows of branded fashion designers’ sarees & dresses.
  • To develop the garment sector in Surat.
  • To showcase latest in technology & applications by arranging technical workshops, seminars & conferences for Surat textile industry.
  • To provide market intelligence of fabrics used overseas.
  • To create platform of interaction with experts, scientists, technocrats, Govt. agencies in textiles and garments.